As a demonstration of their  commitmentswithin the various directorates of the  Ministry of Labour and Social Security in fulfilling the ministry's  mandate, vision and mission, senior officials  explained their strategic plans for 2019/2020 to the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Alpha Osman Timbo Esq, at his maiden meeting with them.

The Director of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH),Mohamed Alhaji Koroma, said besides conducting annual inspections and trainings to some industries to ensure compliance of OSH, they have developed a concept paper for the formulation of  OSH policy.

A Senior Labour and Employment Officer in the Labour and Employment Directorate, Sinneh Bockarie, informed Minister Timbo that the Work Permits Bureau had started meeting to scrutinize the applications of foreigners intending to work in the country, emphasising that applicants with requisite qualifications and skills that Sierra Leoneans lack will be issued with work permits.

He disclosed that the Industrial Relations Unit is working on a system review of case management of industrial disputes to generate credible data and effective records management.

Mr. Bockarie mentioned that part of their Directorate's strategic plans for 2019/2020 is to visit and establish desks in the border crossing points to address illegal migration and trafficking as well as stop foreigners entering into the country illegally work. 

He said they were planning to convene a joint consultative meeting with stakeholders on the draft reviewed Labour Laws of the country.

The Deputy IT Manager in the National Social Safety Net of the Social Protections Directorate, Minkailu Jalloh,  while outlining their strategic plans for 2019/2020, stated that having launched the National Ageing Policy,they intend to popularize the policy nationwide and are targeting 24,000 beneficiaries countrywide.

The Minister of Labour and Social Security, Alpha Osman Timbo Esq commended the staff for their good work and urged them to focus on opportunities rather thanchallenges.