Sierratel to Generate Revenue for Govt. ……says Si ……. Says Sierratel New Boss

Managing Director Sierratel, Foday Sankoh making his presentation

By: Amara Kargbo                                                                                        

The newly appointed Managing Director of Sierratel, Foday Sankoh has projected to transform the company to a more striking and profitable company that will generate revenue for government, which had been the most influential means of communication in the country. 

While making his presentation at the ongoing budget hearing and discussion, Miatta Conference Hall Freetown, last week he presented a of total budget between $ 250 to 300 million Leones for 2020 fiscal year, a fund which they will use in undertaking targeted activities especially in connectivity which in many ways will help them in doing everything full and entirety.

Director Sankoh dilated that the requested fund will be used to implement exceptional tasks including the whole expansion plan of connectivity ranging from boarder to boarder that is from Sierra Leone to Liberia and From Sierra Leone to Guinea which in return will save them from further expenditure.

He also discussed that he inherited a company that has a financial problem, especially the expected equipment network which were not good in shape, but has he has taken office, and he thought it fit that the company needs to catch-up with modernization system of communication which they will execute in resuscitating Sierratel.  

In defending his budget before CSOs, Budget committee and other he adduced that there are mobile companies that does invest millions of dollar to their telecommunication and Sierratel is no exception because it does connect the whole country which requires a huge capital investment to satisfy its customers.

He mentioned that there are challenges that does impede them in carrying out their activities, but with  support from government, his working team and experience got in abroad in the connectivity world he is quiet believe they should be able to turn Sierratel and bring the company back to profitability. 

In aligning the fiscal theme for 2020 budget hearing and discussion, Director Sankoh noting that the company has an old staff force and majority of them are almost reaching their retirement age, since the company is experiencing a technological advancement, Sierratel now needs youthful  populace that have graduated from universities and institutions, so he wishes to create jobs for them by training them with their meaningful initiatives in Telecommunication and as soon, he affirmed to this medium that the company will embark on the assembling and manufacturing of mobile phones.

The budget committee analyzed that Sierratel has all it takes to move the company in a win-win due to it professionals’ engineers compare to any other telecommunication in the country.