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Monday, June 1, 2020


Scholars have asserted that feminism among other things seeks to uphold the dignity and sanctity of women as members of the human race and that women should not only be seen but that they must also be heard.

The thrust of this article is to expound on women’s role in national development, with paramount emphasis on Sierra Leone, women are pivotal in national development in the sense that they have the urge to push for greater and higher heights. This is evident in Sierra Leone today as women yearn to achieve the quota of absolute female representation. Before now, there are frank talks about men’s world, but the current trend now blows weight on women’s world.

A country that neglects the importance of women is one that negates the growth of idealistic feminism. It is obvious that I need not overstate my stance on the idea of women’s development. As a radical feminist myself, it is but an expression of the obvious that the propagation of women’s views is paramount to me not least because society needs it.

Past governments in Sierra Leone did play a role in strengthening women’s representation in political demagogue and yes, it is a demystified rationality that the current Bio led government is also pushing things in that direction. However, it is no secret that more needs to be done. This is clear because the male representation in governance far outweighs that of the female.

It is however necessary to note that promoting women should be of essence and that they should match standards. It is a popular argument that when you educate a girl, you educate a nation.

Sierra Leone is a country that has seen enormous benefit in putting women in positions of trust. This clearly speaks of the topic ‘the role of women in national development’.

Like it has been said, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. This brings me to some of the things that affect women in contributing to development.

The first point to note is that of teenage pregnancy. Early marriage could also be another point. Society’s unwillingness to promote feminism also needs to be taken into consideration. I will argue that Sierra Leone should press more in promoting women at a time like this, not least because we are into the peak of civilization and of course the 21st century. It is my assumption that such a move would be a laudable one in promoting women and girls’ issue.

Sierra Leone is blessed with so many purpose driven women and their call into governance would be but a positive step in the right direction.

Development is central to the growth of any nation and it comes at a high price too. The stakes are high and it is evident that achieving such height requires absolute commitment and dedication. The media also has a great role in all of this. It is argued that the media has a duty to inform, educate and entertain the public. This is where I would argue that more women’s issues need to be making the media agenda. This is to ensure visibility, acceptability and credibility regarding feminism and issue having to do with women. This is but a firm public relations norm that is truly needed in time like this.

A country like Sierra Leone has not seen the best of development trends as far as the world is concerned. So, it is only fitting that such a trajectory is changed to the better. The world as we know it yearns for equal participation between men and women. Such a move emphasizes the importance of women in national development. It is obvious that such a call does not happen in a vacuum. One area that needs to be taken into consideration as far as Sierra Leone is concerned is the aspect of appointing women into positions of trust. This is obvious because men occupy a huge chunk of government’s top positions. This tends to shift women into martial duties and to take care of homes, changing the said narrative is a necessity if more women are to be seen in national development. The saying what a man can do a woman can do better needs not be overstated.

It is obvious that development is a process and that it takes time. However, the time is now ripe to put women in enviable positions because they have the strategies and tactics to make things happen. The collectiveness of women in pushing for progress is also an expression of the obvious.

Government’s commitment is essential in all of this. Development will not come if the government is unwilling to achieve greatness. The cries of women’s groups should not go unnoticed. That is why they have to be promoted to higher heights.

The world needs more of women’s empowerment and in achieving this all hands have to come on deck. The rapid transformation of promoting women is achievable. All what matters is the will to push and actualize the dream because the fact that women have a role to play in national development is a valid postulation.

Decades ago, women were seen as back benchers and that they had little or no role in development. This was not just an African problem, but a global one. This was demeaning to say the least. At this juncture, it has to be made clearer that now is the time to promote feminism among other things.
There are several women’s groups that have been making such calls and so it is, but it is fitting that women should be promoted because they have a pivotal role to play in boosting national development.