Siraju Bah The National Commission for Democracy NCD has hosted a team of prolific writers of five local languages on August 8, 2014 at the St. Anthony Parish Hall, Brook fields to validate the document that was produced at the Writers Workshop held at Makambo in Makeni that was facilitated by the Commission in a bid to translate relevant portions of the Sierra Leone 1991 Constitution and enhance wider public participation regarding the ongoing Constitutional Review Process.
Six proficient writers including two of the original writers of each of the five ethnic groups –Krio, Temne, Mende, Limba, and Kono - make up the validation team with a clear focus on ascertaining whether the relevant portions of the Sierra Leone 1991 Constitution were adequately and reasonably translated.
The Chairman of the Commission, Dr. Abubakar H. Kargbo, expressed delight over the fact that the Commission is producing a document for the first time that has translated portions of the Sierra Leone 1991 Constitution into the local languages saying that the document will ensure active and massive participation since it will enhance people’s understanding of the document that is being reviewed.
Emphasizing the importance of the document, Dr. Abubakar H Kargbo noted that the translated document will go down in the annals of the nation and that NCD will be credited for making such an invaluable contribution of producing a document that will educate the local people in their local tongues.
He noted that such a document should have the credibility it deserves and that was why the Commission decided to invite experts in the various targeted local languages to validate the document by having a thorough look at the translated document and making the necessary amendments.
Dr. Kargbo ended his presentation by a word of caution on the current Ebola crisis in the county and urged his audience to take every precautionary measure to fight against the spread of the virus.