The Minister of Information and Communications, Hon. Alhaji Alpha B S Kanu has made a conducted tour in one of the Ebola hotspots, Lokomasama Chiefdom, in the Port Loko District to pursue President Koroma’s Social Mobilization campaign on the fight against the virus and to assess the cause and nature of the spike in Ebola cases in the District. The Minister made this tour on February 5, 215 just after he has received a Humanitarian Award from the prestigious Diaspora Focus Group, that is made up of African graduate abroad, based in the United Kingdom for his exceptional role in the fight against the Ebola Virus Disease.

Whilst in the Command and Control Centre in Port Loko, the Minister urged the District Medical Officer and the Command Centre’s supervisor to implement more robust strategies and effective ways of addressing the problems of increasing cases of Ebola in the District. 

Addressing the people of Lokomsama, Hon. Alpha Kanu observed that the Chiefdom has been recording high number of confirmed cases of Ebola recently due to the fact that some people are not following simple medical instructions like Avoid Body Contact ABC don’t bury the dead etc and express his disappointment for such an unfortunate situation whilst encouraging them to strictly adhere to the pieces of advice given by health workers.

The Minister further instructed the Paramount Chief to immediately put a hold on all meetings in the Chiefdom and focus exclusively on the fight against the disease. He recommended that all Section Chiefs of the Chiefdom who have not been working actively in the fight against the virus be suspended and replaced with determined and dynamic youth who are ready to vigorously pursue the fight against the virus.

Advising a class of medical trainees in the Chiefdom, the Minister encouraged them to redouble their effort in fighting the virus and to help in educating the local people about the vices of the disease and also teach them about measures they should take in preventing contracting the virus. He said Ebola is a bundle of sicknesses that could be cured when the affected person seek immediate medical attention and admonished his people to report whoever manifest any sign or symptom of the virus.

Hon. Alhaji  Alpha Kanu expressed hope that the virus will soon be defeated once the people are ready to abide by the rules and further advised them to take all necessary measures to protect the Chiefdom and beat the virus out of the country.

The Supervisor for the Command and Control Centre in Port Loko John Reigh assured the Minister of the effectiveness of the strategic measures they have put in place to address the Ebola issues in the District, saying that they have full details of all affected persons and all those that have come in contact with confirmed Ebola patients. He said the four Ebola hotspots in the District are constantly and adequately monitored as their surveillance officers and contact tracers are effectively on the ground.

The Paramount Chif, Lokomsama Chiefdom Baimaro Lammina Angbathor II said the number of confirmed cases rose in the Chiefdom due to the fact that the borders were not sufficiently manned as sick patients were smuggled into the chiefdom from neighboring villages. He said they have empowered more youth to increase the number of contact tracers and surveillance officers in order to boost the capacity of the Chiefdom to overcome the virus and to also address the porosity of the border areas of his Chiefdom. He assured the minister that security is henceforth watertight in the two villages of Kathoma and Baimaro Lol where there has been an increase in the number of confirmed Ebola cases.