After the heavy down fall of rains on the 2nd August 2019, we have seen some amount of flooding in the country, people are raising concern about crack at the mortomeh community where thousands of people lost their life due to landslide that happen on the 14 of August 2017 in the country, in order to get the stance of the ministry of Lands, Housing and Environment I talk the Director of Environment Mr.Isreal Jusu said according to what they find out is that because of the sloop stability at mortomeh the area have a flow of saturated plastic deverage that move into the channel because of the volume of water that come came down during that time and it has weakening the sloop stability, this have move the ground to it toe. This area comprises of grabbo rocks, with no granite there, so it cause laterization. The wedring that is happen at mortomeh is rapid and the deforestation has exposed the area to danger so as a ministry they and other partners have assess the situation to know the amount of damage that happen and they are putting mechanism in place to combat the situation, they have even used drone to fly in the area to get the correct cause of the situation and there in no casualty recorded in that community. Talking about environmental issues in the country Mr. Israel Jusu Director Environment in the Minister of Lands, Housing and Environment says there ministry is working with partners, agencies and councils for the cleaning of the country every first Saturday. He also give advice to those whose roofs are not strong should strengthen them and those that have the attitude of dumping dirty in gutters and drainages should stop. According to what they get from the metrological department this year there is going to be very heavy rain and we should expect some amount of rain this May but in June and July there is going to be more rain and very heavy. Those with drainages and gutters around them should start cleaning them and they have identified streets that are flooding during the raining season. People should evacuate those slops and hillside that are prone to disaster for now. In his final message he says no one has the right to put up structure at Mortema where they have marked red and people of this country should clean their environment if possible every weekend to prevent flooding. (Suliaman Williams Freetown)