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Monday, June 1, 2020
Works ministry to reclaim Government’s Quarters

Works ministry to reclaim Government’s Quarters

By: Works Communications Unit

Ministry of Works and Public Assets has conducted a three days media outreach in a bid to have first-hand assessment validation on all government quarters in Freetown.

The tour was prompted by a report on the verification of Government quarters by an independent Consultant done in the Western Area done in 2019.

According to the verification report, it stated that few quarters were not on the ministry’s data base for decades and that they have now been discovered. It mentioned that good numbers of the quarters were occupied by retirees, staff on foreign and provincial posting.

The report captured how quarters were leased to private individuals by the ministry of lands without approval of the ministry of works and publics assets.

It detailed how some quarters were unkempt and recklessly handled by the principal occupants, especially those that have developed structures on the parcels of land within those quarters. The report also mentioned that 90 percent of the quarters were in a complete state of disrepair and required immediate overhaul.

During the three days visit, the Deputy Minister of Works Philip Tetema Tondoneh expressed disappointment over the conditions of the quarters.  He stated that there have been encroachments in the lands of the various quarters.

He further stated that some quarters have been demolished and private properties constructed on the lands. He mentioned that the ministry is working to ensure the quarters are maintenance and allocated using the right procedures.

Hon. Philip Tondoneh pointed out garages and houses that are on the spaces that have blocked drainages and play grounds in the area of Brookfield and other places.

He further disclosed that some quarters have been sold illegally without and due processes followed, and he reiterated that the ministry is working to ensure the properties are allocated to in the right way with the correct procedures follow.

A security officer who have been working in the ministry of works and Public assets for over 30 years pointed out places in the western Freetown were there have been encroachments and demolition of quarters to confirm what the report captured.