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Saturday, June 6, 2020
Western Rural, Urban Districts Committed in Rice Production

Western Rural, Urban Districts Committed in Rice Production

Jane Fea Kabba SeiSillah DAO participating in rice harvesting at Oogu farm

By: Amara Kargbo

Madam Jane Fea Kabba SeiSillah District Agricultural Officer (DAO) Western Rural and Urban Districts applauded the efforts of government, farmers, and partners for their sundry technical supports in enhancing her districts farmers for enabling them to realize appreciable rice harvesting at their working sights.

Madam SeiSillah mapped out that she will always remain committed in giving what it takes for her farmers to unreservedly embrace agriculture as a worthwhile occupation that could yield them with satisfactory rewards, besides, such undertaking will also influence majority of the country population to embark on agriculture.

She shared her expertise got at the Institute for Rice Research, Philippines where she had an exchange of ideas with caliber people that had had PHD meritoriously engaging in rice production which is their specialist area in the country and they have been able to feed their people as well as provide for other country.

When she returned, she decided to implement lesson learnt to see if such hypothesies could be applicable at her working sights, she succeeded in demonstrating such exceptional practices that were acquired from other country.

The DAO further that the seedling rice they were having at previous was off-type which did not provide them with better yield, but the supply they got from government and the Burkina Faso rice and the project that sponsored her to Philippines is here operating in Sierra Leone with farmers through their demonstration sight in combination with the Chinese demonstration sight which exclusively portray modern agricultural technology for local farmers at the Oogu farm.

With such practices, farmers were able to achieve desire results in rice production in the country.

She noted that Oogu farm has over one thousand beneficiaries’ farmers who solely depend on rice and vegetable production, but they do encounter with water management. She narrated that development partners have come to their aid in addressing food security in the country but the only dam they depend on to circulate water into the swamp land through raining and dry season has been disturbed.

This happened when one individual has erected a house on-top of the dam that now makes to pass intermittently and it has gravely caused problem for agricultural activities at Oogu farm, she is calling on government through the Western Rural District Council for an immediate reaction to this.