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Saturday, June 6, 2020
Salone Economy NeedsTotal Fix, Not Quick Fix

Salone Economy NeedsTotal Fix, Not Quick Fix

His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio has reiterated that he is determined and committed to making a total fix of this country's battered economy and not by the cosmetic or quick fix approach used by the previous administration.

"I know it’s hard for my people, I was expecting it but I did not promise simplistic solutions that would only last a week. I promised a total fix and it will take time and I'm working on that. I want to be judged at the end and not at the beginning. We have only started a long journey and I am going to assure Sierra Leoneans we are definitely making progress," the President said, adding that his administration will make sure that Sierra Leone becomes the best destination for Foreign Direct Investment which has direct impact on quality of life by providing more job opportunities for millions of Sierra Leoneans.

It is an open secret today that the eleven years of bad governance  madethe country completely hopeless as a result of unprecedented massive corruption hence the desperation for immediate change. Citizens are sadly ignorant of the fact that it was this same 'quick fix'  syndrome by former President Koroma's administration that gave way to massive corruption in an economy that was described as the 'fastest growing'.

Unfortunately, the architects of the ' De gron Dry' are working behind the scenes manipulating the same victims to demand unreasonable change. Nevertheless, HE Bio's administration has displayed mature and focused leadership towards changing the ugly narrative of this country by rebranding the image of Sierra Leone thus winning the trust and confidence of donor partners including IMF, World Bank, EU, ADB, BADEA etc, fight against corruption, introduction of Free Quality Education, fair distribution of wealth, effective health delivery services, effective and prudent fiscal management, ensuring national cohesion, peace and democracy, among several other achievements in barely one year seven months after inheriting a battered economy.

HE Bio believes that our current socio-economic predicament cannot be addressed with a quick fix approach but total fix. As an honest, patriotic and visionary President, HE Bio believes a sustainable and collective approach is needed to address our current state of affairs and not a quick fix. The signs are visible that Sierra Leone is back on track, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Furthermore, President Bio has admonished Sierra Leoneans, "Don't judge me at the beginning but at the end of the first five-year term", saying by which time the people would surely ask him for a second term.