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Monday, June 1, 2020
Recruitment at Statistics Sierra Leone is Legitimate and Fair

Recruitment at Statistics Sierra Leone is Legitimate and Fair

Prof. Osman Sankoh Statistician General

By: Amara Kargbo

The management of Statistics Sierra Leone holds the view that the recent recruitment made was very legitimate and that it was a fair process, it was an equal opportunity that was given to people who are competent, experienced and have qualifications to contribute as well as add values to the core operation of the institution.

Samuel Ansumana Director of Communications and Public Relations Stat SL explained to this medium that, Statistics Sierra Leone as per law, the Statistics Act of 2002 stipulates that statistics is the only national institution that is responsible for the collection, processing of data to inform decisions of government and stakeholders which is always gaining recognition to be the “official voice to provide statistics for the country”

He noted that the institution needs meaningful personnel structuring which by no means engendered to terminate most of the personnel and then given them an opportunity to reapply, the institution had a huge number such people who reapplied while others did not apply, he said that it is possible that they did not have required particulars or they were dissatisfied because they were terminated but majority of those that were reapplied with their particulars were later retaken

The institution also laid off 27 drivers and out of such number, most of them reapplied and 20 of them were also retaken.

Samuel Ansumana mentioned that statistics is not deterred by distractors, they have a situation where everybody is coming to statistics to have information including government to have credible data, besides, the institution has been winning competitive bids from the World Bank Statistic Sierra Leone among the only nine African countries on the United Nations Statistics Commission to decide on global statistics for 2020 to 2023.

Though there have been hallmark achievement, statistics also facing challenges especially with funding though government normally gives it subvention to the institutions but the money did not come on time to enhance to undertake their basic activities, equipment because they have already move from paper base collection of data to Computer Assisted Personal Entering (CAPE) a system that is require Tablet to collect data which will help to benchmark the genuine of any data they are will be collection.

He advised that statistics is everybody’s business and it is necessary to work together as a country.