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Saturday, June 6, 2020
Principal Appeals to Employers To Crosscheck Certificates of Applicants With College

Principal Appeals to Employers To Crosscheck Certificates of Applicants With College

The Principal of the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology polytechnic, Dr. Philip John Kanu revealed at his Goderich campus on Tuesday 29th October 2019 that Dr. Adikalie Sesay, a lecturer in the Physical Health Education Department of the college has been found guilty by the Committee setup to investigate examination malpractices, that Dr. Adikalie Sesay is now pledging with the administration to forgive him reiterating that the College Council has endorsed the decision of the Committee to dismiss Dr. Adikalie Sesay without notice underscoring, “this matter will be handled appropriately according to the conditions of service of this institution. Evidence abounds that this college has issued several warning letters to Dr. Adikalie Sesay to desist from examination malpractices.”

He observed that a lot of people have secured employments with fake certificates from the college, warned that this issue is not only for Milton Margai College but other tertiary institutions and underlined the college’s zero tolerance on fake results that would destroy the image of the country informing that Ms. Veronica Rogers secured a top job at Eco Bank with the fake certificate and that the police is investigating the matter suggesting that even the Anti-Corruption Commission may investigate Ms. Veronica Rogers as she was receiving salaries with a fake certificate and that the bank would be informed for her dismissal and how she acquired the fake certificate.

The Acting Principal also clarified that the issue of changing grades came to light when some students protested that some of their colleagues who did not even take the examinations, not to talk of the reference examinations, were awarded pass marks and grades as Dr. Adikalie Sesay manipulated the grades for favors that prompted the administration to investigate the matter highlighting that Dr. Adikalie Sesay has been found guilty of several examination malpractices citing an instance when he destroyed the evidence by disposing the documents in water stressing that his behavior is professional misconduct for which the administration would take a final decision according to the conditions of service governing the institution.

Dr. Kanu also revealed that Ms. Veronica Rogers, who never attended the college but was caught with a fake certificate from the college, has confessed that a Mr. Lamin Bawoh who claimed to have graduated from the college in 2010, helped her obtain the fake certificate to secure a job at Eco Bank and that he is currently on the run, one of the reasons he is appealing to all employers, including schools, to always crosscheck with the college to verify the certificates of applicants disclosing that the college would soon undertake tracer study.

According to the Acting Principal, the report of the Committee that investigated Dr. Adikalie Sesay recommended clearly that he should be dismissed without notice enlightening that if his services are terminated he should be given three months notice according to the conditions of service governing the institution, reiterating that the college has warned Dr. Adikalie Sesay several times to desist from examination and other malpractices intimating that he would also inform the public about the outcome of the administration’s final decision on the issue lamenting  that changing of grades for favors is rampant in the college.

He affirmed that the administration would no longer tolerate the changing of grades for favors by setting example on Dr. Adikalie Sesay to serve as deterrent revealing that the Committee also discovered that although Dr. Adikalie Sesay is in the Physical Health Education Department, he would appeal to his colleagues to either allow him to teach some of the courses or mark the papers, organize Saturday or night classes without justification from the Director of Studies, all against the conditions of service of the institution and that inspite of several warnings he did not budge.

The Acting Principal said the signatures on the fake certificate are those of former or current staff of the college but that the serial number and that of the name of the holder, Ms. Veronica Rogers, did not tally and assured that he has a robust mechanism to fish out fake holders of the college’s certificates.       

Mr. Samuel Kargbo, the college’s Examinations Officer confirmed that some few weeks ago he received correspondences from some employers to verify the certificates of five staff members including that of Eco Bank adding that Ms. Veronica Rogers falsified the name of the holder of the fake certificate as the serial number and name of the holder of the certificate were inconsistent.   

On the issue of changing grades involving Dr. Adikalie Sesay, he said he demanded the marking scheme from him reiterating that the college is very concerned about the unhealthy practice that has the tendency to tarnish the good image of the institution, guaranteed that the administration is doing all in its power to eradicate it and that the administration is fully supporting him to address the issue.

Ms. Veronica Rogers revealed that she secured the fake certificate when she was offered a job at Eco Bank three years ago and that she contacted Lamin Bawoh, both of whom lived in the same area, to help her get the certificate which she presented to the bank.

She also appealed to the public not to engage in such criminal activities which she regretted doing stressing that Mr. Lamin Bawoh tricked her into believing that he graduated from the college but is now on the run for another examination malpractice with the West Africa Examinations Council.