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Saturday, June 6, 2020
President Bio Visits Canadian College Of Modern Technology

President Bio Visits Canadian College Of Modern Technology

By AbubakarrDakowah

Research has consistentlyestablished that there is a close correlation between developing a country’s human capital and the sustainable development of that country. Given that awareness and the commitment of President Bio to deliver on his promise of sustainable development, he has not only allotted 21% of the national budget to the Education Ministry alone but he has ensured that part of his monitoring mechanism captures his constant visits to both the public and private educational institutions to guarantee competitive advantage and quality service to the citizens of this country.

That said, in the course of the President’s last weekend tour across the country, he visited the Canadian College of Modern Technology at Mile 91. The Canadian College of Modern Technology is a private institution that offers primarily a Technological -related-courses, Mass Communications,Business Administration and other courses in social sciences that meet the needs of the country.

In his assessment of the courses and the capability of the college resources to meet that demand, the President expressed his satisfaction to the administration and to the proprietor of the institution, MrMuckson Sesay. With the strength close to one thousand students at the institution, President Bio encouraged them to take advantage of the opportunity to have quality education devoid of examination malpractice that undermines the much desired quality the country needs.

President Bio emphasized the fact that every student in Sierra Leone must desire that quality education. He said, “My passion for quality education is as a result of the determination that NO Sierra Leonean trained-medical-doctor in the future, mistakes a patient’s heart for kidney during surgery because of the consistent examination malpractices left unchecked over the years.”

The Minister of Information and Communications,Mohamed Rahman Swaray chaired the program and also used the occasion in profusely thanking the proprietor for such progressive and patriotic move, and entreated all the students in massively tapping into the opportunity as to become useful to themselves, communities and the country as a whole.The Minister further advised the students against examination malpractice as it breeds incompetence, backwardness and uncompetitiveness.The President together with the Minister of Information and Communications,Minister of Basic and Secondary Education, the proprietor and the entire entourage visited the college computer laboratory and toured the whole campus.

President Bio also encouraged the citizenry to copy the good example of the proprietor, MrMuckson Sesay, a man with humble beginning but driven by hard work and sense of patriotism, that is making the sacrifice to affect his community and the country as a whole. In his closing remarks, the President strongly encouraged the students to use their skills and competencies to bring positive changes to their individual communities.