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Monday, June 1, 2020
NATCOM Assures Radio And TV Operators

NATCOM Assures Radio And TV Operators

NATCOM Director General: Maxwell Hinga Massaquoi admonishing Radio and TV Operators


By Musa Kamara

In a meeting organized by the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) on Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement, held on Wednesday 21 August 2019 at the Atlantic Hall, Stadium Hostels, Freetown, the Director General, Maxwell Massaquoi, disclosed that come December 31 2019, NATCOM would enforce robust regulations on Frequency Modulation (FM) Radio Stations and Television Stations.

He stressed that it is of essence to find a common ground wherein radio and TV stations would comply with the ground rules and pay all arrears owed to NATCOM and the government at large.

He stated that NATCOM do not in any way take sides when it comes to enforcing regulations irrespective of the FM station or the region of operation.

“We just want all to do what the law says,” he said.

He assured that all radio stations’ equipment seized because of failure to comply with NATCOM regulations would be given back to them but however admonished them to meet their financial obligations.

Joseph Abass Sannoh, a Commissioner of NATCOM, on his part said that NATCOM believes in fair play for all TVs, radio stations and internet service providers whereby not only the consumers but the government also benefits.

For every business to thrive, he maintained, regulations are essentials to stick with especially when such authority is coming from a government entity.

He said that NATCOM needs to be accountable to not only the government of the day but the country at large, and that one way of keeping such commitment alive is for the service providers to pay all registration and renewal fees.

Commissioner Sannoh also admonished radio stations not registered as business stations to desist from operating as such.