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Thursday, June 4, 2020
Development Partners Uphold to Support Communities

Development Partners Uphold to Support Communities

Executives Directors and participants gracing the meeting

By: Amara Kargbo

The Save Dignity of Women and Children in Sierra Leone (SaDWaCSL) in collaboration with Thorough Empowerment, Education and Development for Women and Girls in Africa (TEEDWOGA) has engaged diverse communities of Campbell town, Waterloo, Western Rural on a familiarization dialogue on how they could come and accelerate development through feasible initiatives to the lives of many.

Founder and Executive Director of TEEDWOGA, Rev. Martha Chigozie (Nee Gbenga)maintained that the engagement was crucial because could enhance them to capture the prevailing constrains people have been experiencing at the Campbell town community that have raised a clamorous concern that need an imperative remedies.

Rev. Chigozie outlined that they are more passionate to empower women and girls in Africa, and they verily contributed towards the development of African countries, she said.

The organizations partners discussed about existing projects in the community which they thus to avert duplication of similar project implementation, to them, “you cannot begin development direct to the people, but to sit with the people, plan and discuss with them.” 

The communities were able to map-out their priority needs, like good road network, electricity, quality education (government schools), market and other related basic amenities. Presently, the communities suggested that they want turn-over especially through micro-financial assistance which in some means will boost their businesses.

They two executive directors emphasized a total involvement of everyone including them and the communities are required because they want see the sustainability of whatever forth coming initiative should be visible and in the interest of the people.

Madam Isata Harding Founder and Executive Director of (SaDWaCSL), in her remarks, said they want to change the narratives of how people most times view waterloo environ, and adopt a dynamic culture of one family, protect children, live in harmony and refrain from revulsion.

She reiterated  that though they are not sponsored organizations, but they does have passion to support people with viable initiatives that will render them multiple benefits, as for them, “one should desist from the syndrome that government should do everything for me, but with acquired skills you can do better things.”

Madam Harding promised to undertake requisite facilities like recreational centre for children, adult education and as well as supporting them in their agricultural production.

Chief Pa. Alimamy Kamara, Campbell town community expressed admirations for such meeting because it tends to foster enhancement in his community, he rightly stated that “nobody is an island”

As a chief, he does intend to have dialogue with his people, because he is so passionate to see the progress of his environment and through financial collection through “osusu” because it is abysmal to see young people to be idle but with the intended training will obviously put these youth in the right phase in their community and the country as a whole.