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Thursday, June 4, 2020
Deputy Director of Sports on the need toaddress Violence in School Sports

Deputy Director of Sports on the need toaddress Violence in School Sports

The Deputy Director of Sports addressing community stakeholders

By Musa Kamara

Following the growing spat of violence in school sports across the country, LaminSesay who is the Deputy Director of Sports has appealed to stakeholders in communities and authorities in the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) to earnestly sensitize and educate pupils on the dangers of violence in sports.

LaminSesay enlightened that sport activities are meant to be competitive, entertaining and peaceful and pupils should learn the importance of such activities which is vital to personal and national development.

However, he admitted that violence in sport seems to be in the increase and it is high time communities and education stakeholders take the lead in transforming the mindset of pupils to see the need to desist from violence related activities in schools sport-meet.

He went on to enlightened that the Ministry of Sports oversees all sporting activities but he also disclosed that when it comes to the organization of certain sports disciplines, the specific bodies take charge of their various disciplines and citing, for instance, the Basketball Association organizes or champion all basketball activities.

Therefore, in that regard, he reiterated on the need for putting all heads together in educating and sensitizing pupils to stay off violence in sports.