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Thursday, June 4, 2020
A New Dawn

SLENA on a New Dawn

By Musa Kamara

The Sierra Leone News Agency (SLENA) which was established by an Act of Parliament and supervised by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) is on the verge of a robust positive transformation under the Acting Managing Director, Commissioner Yeama Thompson.

Addressing a cross-section of SLENA staff, volunteers and interns at SLENA Office, Wallace Johnson Street in Freetown, Commissioner Yeama disclosed that her vision is to market SLENA to the rock bottom of society and the world at large.

She went on to say that amongst her many plans, which said plans she described as “the rebooting of SLENA,”is in accordance with MIC’s “Plan of Action” for the year 2020 thereby, ensuring that Sierra News Newspaper which is a product of SLENA would be a continues weekly publication for every Tuesday and Thursday, and also there would be daily news bulletins in addition to the newspaper magazine which would be out at the end of every month.

She therefore implores all working for SLENA to have the team spirit and be committed to making the difference by presenting trustworthy, impartial news in line with international best practices.

She went on to enlightened that she wants SLENA to be the hub for all “Breaking News,” and therefore, admonished staff to not disseminate “Breaking News” before it actually breaks to other news outlets and the public.

Commissioner Yeama Thompson went on to say, SLENA would be very keen on generating income by selling the news commodity to the electronic and other print media houses and also on the internet through the SLENA news website.

“The private sector, banks, NGOs, donors and embassies would be able to use SLENA as a source of information and do monthly subscription,” she added.

Amongst her other plans, she said that SLENA would be having a Multi-Media Department doing text features, photo and video documentaries and Data Journalism to meet the demands of subscribers of the SLENA website.

Additionally, she said that her vision is to have a Research and Documentation Training Directorate and should be in line with what she described as “Newseum,” which in her words is like a museum for showcasing SLENA products that could be traced decades back and also saying that such “Newseum” would also serve as a hub to cross-check facts and by which at the end of the day, revenue could also be generated.

In line with the very good plans of action envisioned by Commissioner Yeama, she also disclosed that, her harsh tag for SLENA would be, “Waetin SLENA Say,” which is a krio saying that depicts SLENA as the platform for “Breaking News,” wherein, the public can have utmost trust and confidence in.