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Saturday, June 6, 2020
As Spelling Bee Ends Second National spelling competition It lobbies supports for two International competitions

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By: Amara Kargbo 


The Initiative in Capacity Building Association International in Collaboration with the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education has held its Second National Spelling Bee competition with primary and secondary schools pupils at the British Council, Freetown December, 2019.

Madam Isata Harding, Founder and Director of the aforesaid organization intimated that the purpose of conducting such competition is to facilitate pupils to adopt reading culture, develop their ability of public speaking, and being confident at their academic studies. 

Adding that, pupils need to be encouraged, so they could perform better in their schooling through “nurturing and catching these kids young at tender age,” will enhance them to score desirous goals at both national and international academic forum as well as in participating in decision making  process.

She underlined that the competition was able to capture schools at both regional and districts level that were participated, describing that the performance of such pupils simulated there were talents pupils in these schools, of which she applauded their teachers and parents.

She lamented that they have been finding it very rigid to carry on their activities, noting, their motive is to transform education by providing preventive measures to early teenage pregnancy, ethics and moral behavior in avoiding early marriage which in many ways will complement the effort of government in attaining the Free Quality Education programme.

She gravely calling on government and partners to pledge their commitment in elevating the issue of children by sponsoring the “Spelling Bee” programme, as of present, they have been invited to partake to two international spelling Bee competitions in America and Nigeria. Spelling Bee is a member of the African Council.

Spelling Bee is an incomparable programme that promotes one of the president flagship programme "Free Quality Education," as well as help complement the direction of the first lady initiative to enabling accomplish her effort of the "Hands off our girls" programme.

They are working with ministries that were charged with the responsibility of ensuring social amenities of children are fulfilled, though the organization has not yet been realizing robust supports, she craved on their indulgence to back the organization.