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Sunday, November 17, 2019
The Sierra Leone Health System Festers!

The Sierra Leone Health System Festers!

The Sierra Leone Health System Festers!
By Uzman Unis Bah
The enigma that lingers! A puzzle that needs to be retorted by our leaders is the ever inevitable question of our poor health system in Sierra Leone, classed amongst the lowest in the world; it is evidentially clear that the country’s health sector is still fluctuating between the last and second to last health sector across Africa and the world at large. This situation is so because our leaders are yet to take health issues seriously and the little effort they infuse is marred with a fraudulent connotation for personal aggrandizement.

Every so often, it’s whispered that billions of dollars are been invested in the country’s health sector, mostly tapped from donor funds to build up the fragile health system. Whether these monies are been put into the right use remains the enigma that lingers, thus the health sector keeps plunging. The fragility of the health sector is evident that corruption has taken a toll, and consequently derailed the country’s progress in the fight to sustain a perpetual healthy global.

The fight to sustain global health should be everyone’s fight, the government should stand up as the custodian of its people to help address the prevailing health ramifications. The journalists should stand up and pronounce the health issues, it is about bringing to the fore the issues which are to be addressed for the betterment of the country's health system, a communicable disease in Sierra Leone has the potential to be transported to other parts of the globe, hence the need for a concerted global health fight. 

There has been high rate of Child mortality, maternal mortality, malnutrition of children, Malaria, polio, HIV and Aids, Tuberculosis, and other perennial diseases which remain unaddressed in the country; the Ebola outbreak in 2014 left thousands dead, an ordeal which left the health system bare, showing how fragile the health system has been, projecting an encumbrance to the elimination of global health issues. 

The leaders must try to make visible improvements in the health sector; improvements that will not only benefit the rich but all and sundry. The need to build a health system which will cater for all and save the burden of going to other countries for basic treatments which have the power of transforming helpless people into viable souls is highly needed.

I strongly believe that if the country’s wealth is used prudently, coupled with the donor funds which have been trickling into the country, the health standards of the country will be bolstered, and the fight against global health issues will be propped in this end.

#Republished! Article Published on the 1st January 2016