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Thursday, March 21, 2019
The Information Minister Analyzes President Boi’s Inaugural speech

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The Information Minister Analyzes  President Boi’s Inaugural speech 

By Uzman Unis Bah

Analyzing the President’s Inaugural Speech, Mohamed Swarray on the SLBC Good Morning Salone television programme, said the inauguration was the peoples’ inauguration, but the government was saddened by the stampede at the national stadium.

The Information Minister said that, for nearly 30 years President Bio has fostered the culture of democracy in Sierra Leone and today he becomes the recipient of that golden treasure. He assured that the President is humbled by the trust and confidence the people of this great nation have reposed in him, and would never betray that trust of confidence.

Swaray emphasize that education is the flagship program of president is he is therefore committed to seeing that the educational standards are improved. Government he said is determined to ensure that the educational system of this country becomes competitive, to enable Sierra Leoneans equally compete for international jobs.

He said President Bio has assured Sierra Leoneans of free primary and secondary education by next academic year. The education system will be reviewed in the shortest possible time to ensure that the 6344 educational system is reverted to the 6334 education program in a bid to enhance the education standards of the country the Minister stressed.

The president will not be a chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone by next year, there will be fair but strict process to determine the person who will hold that position, the government will make sure that it depoliticizes the student politics and ensures there is a conducive learning environment for students.

In the health sector, the government wants to meet the Abuja declaration standards. Stressing the implantation of the healthcare delivery system, “with simple sanitary measures, the adoption of a national cleaning day, we can banish malaria and other ailments without the intervention of the doctor; It is over this perennial issues the president loses his sleep” the Minister said.

Discipline, obeying rules and ensuring that there is respect for time is crucial for efficiency in governance. According to the Minister, it is for the first time the government is paying civil servants on time without taking a bank overdraft.

Tourism is a crucial sector, Ghana and Kenya are benefiting from this sector, Sierra Leone can emulate from other countries and develop attraction sites; the Bonthe and Tiwai Island is just amongst the many attraction places that need to be developed, the Minister concluded.