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Thursday, March 21, 2019


Sierra Leone's first technology innovation community hub, SENSI, a Non-Governmental Organization, on Thursday 5th November, 2015 held a conference with over 100 innovative students and graduates to sensitize them about the organization.
The conference, held at Tech Innovation Hub on 67 Sir Samuel Lewis Road, Aberdeen in Freetown, brought together experts from the University, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) training institutes in Freetown, young people with prototypes of technology businesses and innovations that advance technology.
According to the founder of SENSI, Mr. Morris Marah, they want to bring together brilliant and energetic young people to collaborate and share ideas and learn from expert speakers on the development of technology suitable for Sierra Leone. He said that they would participate in workshops to explore how they can best build a technology community in Sierra Leone underscoring that SENSI would help them develop their ideas into reality and take it to the next level for the benefit of all, adding that they would provide physical space where they (SENSI members), would share ideas to build their work and provide Internet facility in a friendly atmosphere. Mr. Marah, further stated that his organization provides members with access to people in the global tech world, for example, their partners that provide webinars on art development and provide people with the latest gadgets to enhance their work and investment support. The founder continued that they would also organize debates, business support investments to small businesses, adding that SENSI stands for "Sensible".  He maintained that sensible information makes a difference in a society where access to information is very vital, stressing that it is a social enterprise looking for ideas and called on innovators to come up with ideas.
Mr. James Gubb, a business partner, said he arrived in Sierra Leone three months ago to help establish SENSI in the country, build a technology community and encouraged all with interest in IT and technology to come together and develop their ideas into businesses.

Delivering the keynote address, the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Hon. Theo Nicol, on behalf of the President and the Government, welcomed the idea of the company and acclaimed it for efforts to empower especially youths, adding that the innovation hub is about power, strength, passion and the future of the world. He underscored that ICT students are young people with dreams to move Sierra Leone forward.
He further encouraged all ICT students to study hard and take technology seriously and also attend Technology Universities like the Malaysia College at Hill Station to empower themselves, revealing that ICT-Mobile and technology telecommunication companies contribute the greatest income to government.
Mr. Moses Keile, a lecturer at Crown University, said most ICT students are facing a lot of difficulties in colleges due to the lack of laptop computers and other equipment, challenges that the new organization would address.
Other speakers at the ceremony who made salient statements included the Deputy Government Spokesman, Mr. Agibu Ibrahim Tejan Jalloh, and Mr. Dominic Lamin, Manager of Internet Society in Sierra Leone.