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Wednesday, May 23, 2018



By Uzman Unis

The Minister of Information and Communication, Mohamed Swarray at a meeting with cross section of members of the Sierra Leone postal service, said the ministry has asked the Director General to step aside and allow investigation into raveling issues.

Mr. Swarray said the government takes the issue of postal service seriously, and that the President has made commitments to the country, and tougher decisions will be taken as long as they are in the people's interest. 

The eschewed Director General, Samuel Koroma in his statement said the interest of the nation comes first; hence he is stepping down to ensure that investigations go on to ascertain the problems of the Sierra Leone Postal Services. 

The Minister instructed the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Sowa to put a team in place to investigate the whole institution. He ordered Samuel Koroma to hand over all pertinent documents to the Deputy Managing Director Mr. Ibrahim Kamara who should now act in the capacity of Director General.

Minister Swarray reiterated that suspending the Director General is not the only problem of the Sierra Leone Postal Service; but the real critical issue is the ill attitude of the workers towards their responsibilities. “We will not accept tardy attitude, we want the very best effort from you, Samuel is now out of the way and we don’t need excuses” the Minister said.

The new Acting Director General of SALPOST, Ibrahim Kamara thanked the Minister for his intervention. Mr. Kamara urged the government to look into the draft postal policy, “it is only with a Postal Act, we can efficiently actualize the postal service of the country” he said

The Minister in his closing statement said the Ministry will look into all the concerns raised by the workers, and he affirmed that solution will be reached in the shortest possible time to ensure that SALPOST becomes effective in its service delivery.