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Thursday, April 19, 2018


With determination to expand electricity supply to the people up country, the Ministry of Energy has inspected the Kono new Power Station and the Makali Mini Hydro respectively ahead of commissionings to expand access to electricity supply in the provinces.

In Kono, the two Deputy Ministers (Maj. Sengu Koroma and Alhaji Hassan Barrie) and team, after inspecting the new 6 MW engines installed on Saturday 23rd January 2016, the Deputy Ministers addressed the public that it is the mandate of the Ministry to supply electricity to all areas in the country irrespective of region, tribe and political affiliation. So, the 6 MW added to the 2 MW already serving Kono will provide adequate electricity to the District. The Ministers commended the contractor (D & S Associates) for a job well done in supplying and installing an up to date power station in Kono and Lungi. They stated that an internal test run has been done at the site and it is now to expand the network system with poles and cables so that the people can connect. 

‘Abundant electricity is here now and we expect people to connect and pay their bills regularly to sustain the service’, the Ministers added.
At the EDSA office in Kono, the head, Mr. George Sesay briefed the team that they have been gradually expanding the network system in the township and there is a program for the people to pay for prepaid meters by installments as it may be difficult for many to pay for it at once.

At Makali, the Ministers assured the beneficiaries that by June this year, the long awaited mini hydro power would be commissioned, which will provide both electricity for the homes and irrigation for agriculture. This made the people happy and sang in appreciation of what the Ministry is doing in terms of electricity across the country.