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Sunday, November 17, 2019
"Government officials are to serve the people, not themselves"

"Government officials are to serve the people, not themselves"

The Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Lawyer Solomon Jamiru has said that government Officials are there to serve the people and not themselves at all. He stated this at the formal handing over ceremony of the land required for the construction of Bumbuna 2 in Dian and Kalanthuba Chifdoms on 10th August 2018. 

The ceremony was facilitated by the Ministry of Energy and the SELI Hydro-power Company. It is a 143 MW hydro project that will provide about 2,500 jobs and will serve the country right round the 12 months of the year. The minister encouraged locals to embrace the project as it has been the biggest hydro project in the country so far and that government has given its political will irrespective of region or political affiliations. Minister Jamiru stressed the political will is there because government officials should serve the people diligently.

As the project covers two districts of Koinadugu and Tonkolili, the same ceremony was replicated in both districts. The Deputy Minister also went to the radio and television in Makeni and the program was linked with media outlets across the country. 

He joined the  Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay and his Deputy Dr. Taylor who were the host, Permanent Secretary  of the energy Ministry, Mr Morie Momoh, who chaired all the ceremonies facilitated by the Director of Energy, Ing. Benjamin Kamara alongside SELI Hydropower Company. Various personalities made meaningful statements like the Resident Minister North, Mr. Abu Abu Koroma, Minister of Local Government, Lawyer Anthony Brewa, Deputy Minister of Justice, Lawyer Abdulai Bangura, Chairman of SELI Hydro Company, Mr. Patrick Beckley, EDSA Chairman, Ing. Sidi Bakarr, his Director General, Ing. Milton Gegbai, EGTC Director General, Ing. Denis Garvie, Chairman, parliamentary Committee on Energy, Hon. Kekura Vandi, Mr. Beran Foster of EPA, Madam Marian Vandi of Lands ministry, SELI Hydro Manager, Herb Gammon and Deputy,Mr. Abu Kamara. This high level delegation graced the occasions and accompanied the Energy Minister and team to the current Bumbuna dam.