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Sunday, April 5, 2020
Ministry of Education Intends to Deliver More

Ministry of Education Intends to Deliver More

Alpha Osman Timbo, Minister of MBSSE

The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary School Education has presented its projected budget a total of 627 Billion Leones as money required for the 2020 fiscal year, that intends to ameliorate as well address numerous challenges circumvented into the educational institutions, a budget presented on the 2020 contemporary Policy Hearing and Budget Discussion, at the Miatta Conference Hall, Freetown.

The ministry is seen as the main drive towards achieving the catch word “in creating more jobs for youth, that will enhance human capital development” which in its entirety, education is the engine to empower such a dynamic youth to fit the job market.

During his presentation, the Coordinator of the Free Quality School Education Amara Sowa underlined that there had been numerous achievements scored since the inception of the government leading programme, with no exception of the paying of school tuition that is still in progress.

He noted that the above budget targets for deliverables programmes for 2020 including continuing and increased support for “special needs” education; construction of 250 classrooms with WASH facilities; 115,000 repeaters of WASSCE  paid for; expanding and strengthening school feeding with a view to encourage enrolment, regulate attendance, attention span to contribution to the nutritional well-being of the pupils; provision of furniture in schools; strengthening support for programmes targeting reduction in gender and inequities; strengthening service delivery through the effective and efficient operation of the Ministry’s radio broadcasting Unit; development of a strategy and action plan to combat examination malpractice ; development of Senior an Basic Education curriculum and others numerous activities pertaining to education.

He also outlined achievements over 2018/2019 academic year adding that they were able to fulfill the tasks like the payment of tuition fees to government and government assisted schools; paid examination fees for pupils who took external examinations; translated English texts books into braille and distributed to special needs schools throughout the country.

Coordinator reiterated there were challenges and constrain embedded namely the low teachers attendance  due to low morale among the teaching sector, delay in filling key positions in MBSSE, the increase in enrolment has exacerbated the problem of space and massive inadequacy of qualified teachers especially in rural areas who are many untrained and unqualified.