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Sunday, April 5, 2020
Food and Agriculture Organization Commends Western Rural, Urban Districts Farmers for Rice Producing

Food and Agriculture Organization Commends Western Rural, Urban Districts Farmers for Rice Producing

Western Area and Rural DAO and Rep of FAO

By: Amara Kargbo

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other agricultural organizations have commended the Western Rural and Urban districts farmers for being executing one of the country priority need in addressing to food security in the country, the 2019 World food Day commemoration held at Pork-Loko, the above districts were able to merge as the first winner in rice production in country.

They were able to attain such achievement through their painstaking commitment and team work as family, a strategy which had not been happening, but their District Agricultural Officer (DAO), Madam Jane Kabba SeiSillah of Western Area and Rural districts, she was able to bring them to one association called Western Area Farmers Association (WAFA), the Oogu Farm Farmers work in collaboration with Bottom Oku farmers to process per-boil and package assorted items which such unionism cooperation led to be ranked as the first position in rice producing in the country

The DAO emphasized that, since rice has been the most staple food in the country, the Oogu Farm Framers were specifically recorded as the winner of such award due to their creative innovation of adding valve to the rice they are producing.

She tremendously recognized supports of devolve councils for persistent supports for celebrating the world Food Day with their farmers and the vegetable they went with from the mountain farmers association were modernized  with desirous attraction as well as the one from Newtown.

Director of Permaculture School  Project Mambud K. Samai maintained that Songo-Loko has become a centre a centre for agriculture farming system with over 150 small scale farmers who are in Songo-Loko all over Freetown  to engage not only in rice production but also crops production because the soil is very fertile for agricultural purposes and sustaining such food security in Songo-Loko community they decided to involve youth into the project because Bike Riding/Tricycle is not a source of survival but agriculture provides significant impacts to them.

Permaculture School Project with its objective of implementing purely farming, by training youth, school pupils around three communities namely Songo-Loko, Maponponie and Garahun are pupils who are learning how to do rice production without the use of fertilizer and compare to rice where they are using fertilizer so they are endeavor to address food security in the country

She lamented that there were couples of challenges that does impede their activities especially this year when most of their farmers plantation were been covered by gravel and flooding is no exemption and most of the nutrient in the top soil got letch and she asked that by 2020 let them   be able to get their input early from both government and partners.

 Joseph Brima Assistant representative of Food Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Sierra Leone celebration focused to showcases the good farmers in the country specifically the their undertaking activities as well to inform what is happening the agricultural sector and to examine the status of the country in terms of agriculture

FAO reiterated that if the Western Area and Urban farmers are given the full support the county could tackle food security in the country especially those in rice production, poultry, maize and so.

He applauded the Rural and Urban for the committed in the king of job they have been doing, the Western DAO has been doing a magnificent deeds and supports and they farmers of the Western Area and Urban deserve to acquire the first position because of their commitment.

FAO appreciate such farmers because they could an exemplary to show to other districts to effectively do embark on good agricultural practice that will provide them better yield.