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Monday, January 20, 2020
FCC, Sports and Youth Ministries Engage Schools And Communities On Non-Violence In Sports

FCC, Sports and Youth Ministries Engage Schools And Communities On Non-Violence In Sports

Cross section of schools along with community stakeholders

By Paul Mansaray

In a bid to end or mitigate violence in schools and community sports, the Freetown City Council (FCC) in partnership with the Youth and Sports Ministries and the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), among others, recently dialogued with students and community members on non-violence in sports at the Ark Community Hall, Robert Street, Freetown.

Jibson Gaima, the Devolved Sports Officer from the FCC, said that the session was geared towards putting brains together to dig out pleasant ways to end or drastically reduce violence related to sports in schools and communities across Freetown.

He added that the session was borne out of the desire of citizens following the alarming rate at which violence occurs especially when youth are in social gathering or sports meet hence the urge to address such a menace affecting schools and all communities within the 49 Wards and 17 Constituencies in the Freetown Municipality.

Gaima emphasized on the need for all to be involved in the transformation of youth from violence related activities which he insistently mentioned comes from school sports where the violence usually have spill-over effects and thugs take advantage of the opportunity to break into vehicles  and steal from drivers and passengers and also from shop owners and vendors. 

He also called on parents and community leaders to thoroughly monitor children and advised that such could be done by checking on their school works, do follow up in schools, watch their gestures and their use of words, the company they keep, and many more.

This, he said, would help crackdown on drug use, hooliganism and other adverse effects that have the tendency to spill over thereby leading to more chaos affecting the nation at large.

He disclosed that the set of pupils/students targeted range from primary to high school.      

In his contribution, ASP Gaima who is the Head of Serious Crime Management and Head of Forensic Unit of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) advised that youth should add value to their lives and keep off from violent activities.

Moreover, he underlined that the urge to commit crime gradually starts from the mind and therefore, it is of essence for students to take their school work seriously and youth in communities skilled, thereby adding value to themselves, the community and the country as a whole.

However, he admonished that the police would not hesitate to arrest and punish criminals who would rebel against the laws and the peacefulness of society.