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Thursday, February 27, 2020
All women have to enhance their capacity and focus on their career part” Says FAAPA President

All women have to enhance their capacity and focus on their career part” Says FAAPA President

FAAPA Presidents and participants from across the African continent

By: MarliatuWalon-Jalloh

The ceremony took place at the headquarter of the Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies FAAPA, and 19 countries were invited including Sierra Leone and two other journalists from FAAPA.


In his opening, the FAAPA President Mr Khalil HachimiIdrissi said, he was very happy seeing all these determined and hardworking ladies from various countries and he could see the leadership in them already. He said that women are born leaders, their leadership does not start with their career part but right from their homes, serving roles as mothers, sisters etc. "All the women have to do is just to enhance their capacity and focus on their career part so that they can achieve their goals" said MrIdrissi. He also informed participants that after a lot of engagements with partner agencies, FAAPA saw the need to be organizing more workshop training/ seminar, especially for women to enhance their skills and career paths and to have more representations in FAAPA and the Moroccan Press Agency MAP. 


The training he said would help all the women present to reflect on their career goals and map the way forward on how to develop their skills through their career part.  According to the FAAPA President the 50% quota is not enough, there should be more representation in all walks of life. Mr. Idrissi said that they do have female Directors in FAAPA and MAP but that was not enough as they wanted more representation from all African countries to be part of FAAPA. "At the end of the Training you will be examined based on the training and your experience in Morocco, I hope the relationship will not end in the training centre but we will build  a strong African network agency for women and plan how and when we can be holding meetings and training seminars" said MrIdrissi

He concluded by saying they were not organising these seminars to change the cultures and values in Africa but to support their African women, break the barriers stopping women from moving forward, so that they too can hold key leadership positions, as they are very strong and hardworking . "I hope the training will have positive impact and reactions" said the FAAPA President.